Principle's Message

Principal's Messages

As the proud and elated recipient of the adoration as Head of the institution that adheres to the fundamental need of quenching the abounding curiosity and enriching the knowledge of innocent children, I am simply overwhelmed. Art of pedagogue has extended its folds and has emboldened the nurturer's capabilities with principles and theorems. However, I still feel teachers are but parents who amplify the fundamental learning that the children acquire from their biological parents in the most transparent form of imitation. As any child intuitively identifies its parents and adopts their mannerism as basic education, the institution strives to develop on this basis and aims to bring out the best in every child. In igniting the latent talents and developing it to its maximum potential, the institution has a vital role to play. As a mentor to the facilitator of this institution my advice has ever been to carve a niche by setting their own examples as disciplined members of the society. Respect and adulation caps a disciplined individual and spreading this message as a formula for success strides forward the institution engulfing all probable laurels on its progress towards perfection. Thus the institution stands as a testimony to the fact that a persevering individual will also get high returns.