School Management


In quest for perfection. We  all are here to bring up a new generation equipped with efficient and effective tools to face the challenges of an ever changing life and unpredictable future. Everyone endeavors to create constancy of purpose towards improvement of the students and the service provide. All aspire to develop outstanding students who use discipline, motivation and self direction to reach their fullest potential. To achieve our goals reside in providing training for students, teachers and administration, creating a democratic environment and teamwork spirit and above all an open – door policy, as well as a positive caring atmosphere across the entire school.

  1. School Detail Management
  2. Registration /Admission Management
  3. Fee Category Management
  4. Student Fee Management (Fee Detail, Fee Receipt etc.)
  5. Student Administration
  6. Class/div Management
  7. ID Cards Printing
  8. Student Information Management
  9. Leave & Attendance Management
  10. Advance Search for Student Information
  11. Lesson Planning
  12. Time Table
  13. Examination & Evaluation Process
  14. Online Exam
  15. SMS Alerts to Students
  16. Transfer Certificate Management
  17. Reports Management (Daily Collection, Fee Outstanding, Scroll Sheet etc.)
  18. Transport Management
  19. Transport Fee Collection Management
  20. Visitor Management
  21. Compliant Management
  22. Employee Registration Management
  23. Employee Attendance Management
  24. Holiday Management
  25. Salary Structure Management
  26. Employee Salary Management
  27. Employee Attendance and Salary Reports
  28. Secure and Reliable
  29. Many more Feature Available